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high-efficiency scale inhibitor

Properties: noncombustible, inexplosive, nontoxic, odorless, safe and reliable, its effect is better than well-sold W-122 and American SAF pickling agent.

Quality Index and Usage:
    Cleaning Temperature: 60oC(fast cleaning speed under high temperature);
    Corrosion Efficiency: 20# steel:<2.0g/m2.h; Copper:<2.0g/m2.h; Aluminum: <2.0g/m2.h
    diluting scale remover up to the concentration of 4-8%, adding them into equipment, then circulating or soaking.
    Cleaning Time: 6-12 hours(according to the thickness of water scale)

Uses: It can be used to remove scale in all kinds of industrial boilers, civil tea boiler and stainless steel cooking utensils(non-ferrous metal and their alloy), air-condition, heat water pipe, heat exchanger and porcelain; to remove copper rust on the surface of red copper and brass, the oxide on the surface of welding seam of stainless stain, also used to remove the rust on the surface of metal before painting or electroplating.

liquid scale remover

Quality Index:    Cleaning Temperature: 60oC(fast cleaning speed under high temperature);
    Corrosion Efficiency: (60oC)
    20# steel<1.0g/m2.h
    Stainless steel<1.0g/m2.h
    Red copper<1.0g/m2.h
    Use concentration: 10-20%(according to the thickness of water scale)

Cleaning Time and Method:circulating or soaking; faster cleaning speed if adopting circulating method, the cleaning time is 6-12 hours.

Package, Storage and Transportation:
    Package: plastic drum, net weight: 25kg/drum.
    Storage and Transportation: to avoid insolation, can be transported by car or container;
    Period of validity: two years;
    Standard: LZSD006-2010

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